Your First Year

Your First Year Stories

We asked you “What will you do with your first year?” Here is what you said.


“I plan to really familiarize myself with Greensboro in general and really just enjoy my experience at UNCG. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures so UNCG is definitely the place to be to meet a bunch of new people so I’m really excited.”

~ Bria Burton


“I plan to have a lot happen my first year of College. I not only want to adjust to living completely alone in a new town, but I also have so many goals I want to accomplish. I want to get involved with as many clubs as I know I can handle. I want to help CAB plan events and move up in CAB. I want to become a Spartan G’s Dance Team member. I want to learn what I need to do to write a better essay. I want to travel. I want to help the community. I want to be a part of the CSA and take advantage of the Coffee Cart for the commuter students on certain mornings. I want to eat at YumYums and East Coast Wings. I want to order pizza on campus. I want to be a college student and attend a party. I want to go to as many campus activities as possible. I want to make new lifelong friends. I want to learn outside of a textbook and bring my knowledge into the world. I want to have educated friends. I want to get good grades on my dance classes! All of this is what I plan to accomplish, and this is only my first year!!”

~ Ashlee Morgan


“I plan on studying to learn new things, make new friends, and learn to be independent.”

~ Jennifer Shapiro


“My first year will be the year I begin to make a difference on campus. I want to influence my peers to make a difference with me. I want to leave UNCG with the tools needed to successfully embark on a new journey, I want to leave UNCG with the connections that will last me a lifetime and the intelligence I can utilize to conquer anything in the world.”

~ Brianna Blount


“I plan to make beautiful compositions with new techniques and expand my horizons musically. Also I will become best friends with great musicians and wonderfully people who I am able to laugh and smile with. I plan to pass my classes and get on the dean’s list, because working to the best of my ability has always been a goal I strive for. I plan to increase my knowledge of the world and Greensboro as I go out into the community, listen to the news and contemplate on why I choose UNCG. I plan to become a more whole person over the course of my first year and every week I am talking small steps toward achieving these large goals.”

~ Elise Siefert


“During my first year at UNCG I plan to find out not only what my major should be but what my purpose in life is.”

~ Karen Bent


“I plan to pass my classes and make some friends. That’s just about it, really. The first year of college is supposed to be a learning experience, one where you meet new people and learn some interesting things. The next three years can be the time you decide the rest of your life, the first should be fun.”

~ Caleb Swaim


“With my first here at UNCG, I plan to find out what I truly want to do. I came here intending to be an actor, but for all I know, that may just not be my calling. I will work towards it and build a foundation for it here, but if it’s not meant to be, I will find out what is. I will also use this first year to become a more helpful, conscious person. I want it to be a year where I do community service, where I help others out of the good of my heart, where I make a difference somewhere- even if it’s on the smallest scale.”

~ Kody Hopkins