Your First Year

First Year Task Force

Comprised of over 30 faculty, staff, and student members representing over 25 different departments. The purpose of the FYTF is to create an intentional series of first-year programs and services at UNCG to increase student learning and achieve higher retention rates between the first and second year. Under the leadership of the Director of USE and the Director of New Student Transitions & First Year Experience, this group works to streamline current services and programs designed to meet the needs of all first-year students. Through research and assessment, the Task Force will create an integrated approach to all aspects of the first-year student transition, including enrollment, academics, and co-curricular experiences, with a clear plan for seamless learning.

To further our progress, we have developed the Your First Year learning goal, which states:
“All first year students will engage in meaningful co-curricular experiences which produce measurable learning in active citizenship, ethics, social responsibility, personal growth, and lifelong learning in a global society. Students will engage in free and open inquiry which fosters mutual respect across multiple cultures and allows the student to make a connection between these co-curricular experiences and classroom learning.”

If you have questions or suggestions for the first year task force, please email