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YFY Photo Challenge

Week of April 14th – 19th

Victoria’s Post


This past weekend, I was guarding at Campus Recreation’s ‘Day at the Lake’ event, which happens once during the early fall semester and once towards the end of the spring semester. It was a great turnout; people canoed, kayaked, played volleyball, and even jammed to some great music. After the event, Campus Recreation held a cookout for all its staff and student employees as part of Staff Appreciation Week. It was great to be able to have tons of laughs with coworkers, and even share in making s’mores by the bonfire together. Pictured are some of my co-workers hanging out on the dock before the cookout started.

Week of April 6th- 12th 

Victoria’s Post


 I got a little taste of home this week when my mom and two of my siblings came down to visit me here at UNCG. I took them to Chic-Fil-A, went for ice cream at Yum-Yum’s, and my little brother even got to sit into my biology class. They even brought my dog Bella, who’s an English bulldog. She loved hanging out on the EUC lawn, and running after the leaves. So many people wanted to take pictures of her while walking with her around campus. I do admit, she is such a cute dog!


Week of March 30st -April 4th

Juliet’s Post

Juliet AprilYFYPhoto

One of my favorite things about college thus far has been having a miniature space to call home. Most everything I need is within a few feet from me; it’s the life. On the wall you’ll find my favorite art posters, photos from different travels, and more than a few maps. North Spencer has treated me very well, with its nice rooms and wonderful sense of community. Living on campus in a residence hall has been a favorite part of the college experience for me.

Victoria’s Post


Spring has definitely arrived here at UNCG; the trees are starting to bloom and the temperatures keep rising. This week, Juliet and I both participated in a photo shoot through Learning Communities. We walked around campus with a bunch of other students involved in a learning community and took tons of pictures. Juliet and I even got to take a picture together on the swings, one of my favorite hang out places between classes. Only a few more weeks of the semester left!


Week of March 23rd- 29

Victoria & Juliet’s Post


So this week, Juliet and I were chatting about how when things get stressful, you need to allow yourself to de-stress, whether through going to the gym, taking a nice run, or even attending a yoga class. So the both of us braved it out, and went to 6:30am yoga class together, which was awesome. After class, we definitely felt more ready to start our days, and also got a workout in as well. Juliet and I are planning to make this class a weekly thing we do for the rest of the semester.


Week of March 16th -22

Victoria’s Post


This week was the first week back from Spring Break, which meant it was back to the normal weekly routine; school, studying, and lifeguarding at the Rosenthal Pool. My favorite part of this week was ‘Adopt-a Stream’ volunteer program with Outdoor Adventures, part of Campus Rec. A group of thirty students cleaned up part of a local creek. It was a lot of fun to get to spend time with new people, and help out the environment. Even thought I was soaked by the end, it was totally something amazing to spend my afternoon.

Juliet’s Post


Spring, at last, has arrived. Monday brought another white dusting of frozen precipitation, but today brought a beautiful clear sky and air that feels as it should in mid-March. I took this photo on my way back from an art class this afternoon. The letters on the side of the McIver building, when hit just right by the sunlight, cast a drop shadow that is always intriguing to me. I’m looking forward to the photo escapades to come, as the flowers return and the grass regains its color. Happy first day of spring! 


Week of March 9th -15

Juliet’s Post

Juliet Spring Break


Over spring break, I joined 23 other UNCG students from various majors on the Alternative Spring Break trip to Washington, D.C. We spent 6 days getting to know one another and our country’s capital while learning about the problem of poverty affecting citizens just blocks from the city center. 1 in 5 residents in DC are at or below the poverty line. The days spent working at some of DC’s shelters, kitchens and recovery centers were helpful to those individuals, but perhaps the greatest changes took place within ourselves. As we heard the stories of people that were formerly homeless, participated in a poverty simulation, and reflected together on our experiences each day, we were made aware of the importance of empathy and understanding. We learned that the best thing you can do for someone in the midst of a difficult time, whether it be financially or emotionally, is to show them that you’re listening, that you acknowledge their pain and that you care. That you see the homeless man sitting by himself on the sidewalk as a person that has feelings, thoughts and aspirations just as you do. One week taught my peers and me more universal lessons than I think we were anticipating. I’m extremely thankful for UNCG’s dedication to service learning in its provision of this trip; this spring break was one that surely won’t be forgotten. 

Week of February 17th – 21st 

Juliet’s Post

My friends and I sat down for lunch in the cafeteria and found that we all share a love for a particular menu item: the spinach wrap. My personal favorite has turkey, lettuce, muenster, and bacon. The grill station has yet to disappoint. Between the cooking classes, diverse range of food choices, and the station devoted entirely to omelets, I’d say the cafeteria (popularly known as “the caf”) treats us pretty well.


Victoria’s Post


Because of the snow days last week and being that it is only two weeks to spring break, teachers have definitely picked up the pace to keep on track. This week, I spent most of my time in the library trying to focus on the variety of work I had for my classes, which was pretty confusing and strenuous. But what brought me to the finish line of this week was making sure I was keeping hydrated with tons of water and eating good solid meals, especially for breakfast. Best thing about the Café at breakfast time- the omelet station. You might have to wait a bit, but they are worth the wait, trust me!



Week of February 10th – 14th

Juliet’s Post 

There’s so much to be explored on UNCG’s campus, and the woods beside the music building are well-worth checking out. This campus is even more beautiful covered by a blanket of snow. I took advantage of our free days and went off on a few photo-taking sprees. On one of those days, a friend and I walked and found ourselves in the woods next to the music building. There’s a little bridge that takes you to the other side of this creek to a place that, when covered in snow, looks magical. I chose this shot because of the combination of the bright bamboo, snow-covered rocks, and the gentle movement of the water. The scene is very tranquil. I’ve enjoyed discovering more and more how lovely this campus is; UNCG holds countless opportunities for exploration. 

Victoria’s Post


Here at UNCG this week, we got a little taste of Mother Nature- close to six inches of snow…which was awesome. Anywhere you walked on campus, you saw people making snow cream, building snowman, or having a snowball fight. But the best part of the snow days, was sledding down the hill on the Golf Course (secret sledding spot). People were using anything from laundry baskets, to cardboard boxes, to foam sleds- great way to spend time with friends. The snow days also gave me an opportunity to get school work done and sleep in, which was a great feeling to be able to do. I also met up with my co-blogger Juliet for lunch this week, which was awesome! She’s such a sweet person and I know we both enjoyed learning more about each other.

‘Bis nächste Woche’ (until next time)



Week of February 3rd – 7th

Victoria’s Post


These first few weeks back at UNCG have been great! New classes, reunions with old friends, but a whole new schedule to tackle. But without change, life would be so boring, right?! I got a little taste of home here at UNCG when it snowed last week. It was awesome to go sledding with friends on ‘College Ave’, and have snow ball fights with each other.

Until next week…. Cheers!




Juliet’s Post

I can’t think of a more appropriate return to campus than an evening spent with friends at the beloved Tate Street Coffee House’s Jazz Night. The businesses along Tate Street have played a role in my college experience thus far as I’ve spent considerable time perusing Addam’s for art supplies, eating at the numerous restaurants available to choose from, and shopping at Sisters On Tate. Jazz Night at TSCH has been no exception; the quirky art covering the walls, the friendly baristas and frequent live music provide a unique, warm atmosphere that quite a few UNCG students, like myself, know and love. I’m overjoyed to be back in a city where places like these are a short walk away.