Your First Year

I’m here! Now what?


The first year of college is an exciting and challenging time; make the most of it, inside and outside of the classroom. At UNCG, every first-year student should take advantage of all that our campus community has to offer. Explore this website and find ways to meet new people, make meaningful connections, and get a great start with your classes. Let YFY help you figure out what it means to be a successful first-year student at UNCG!

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Your First Year Photo Challenge

We are happy to start 2014 with a brand-new YFY Photo Challenge! This semester we have two first-year students who will document their spring 2014 experience with a photograph every week. You’ll be able to track their first year experience on this page, but in the meantime,  take a minute to learn more about them below!
Victoria Budesa was born and raised in New Jersey, in a suburban town an half hour from New York City, which was SUPER cool! She’s the oldest of four children in my family; two brothers (Jonathan and Sasha) and one sister (Sonya). Victoria is a Special Education and Elementary Education Major, with plans to minor in Dance as well. She’s always enjoyed helping others, especially elementary school children, through academic tutoring as well as teaching dance. She enjoys dancing (a lot), swimming, and crafting. What she LOVES most about UNCG is how friendly and helpful people are, from faculty to students, as well as the numerous connections that student build in their academic classes with fellow peers.
 Juliet Furst, a Wilmington native, is a freshman in the Studio Art program. Although her area of focus is photography, she enjoys various other art forms, including drawing, printmaking and painting. She is in the Lloyd International Honors College and is involved with UNCG’s chapter of the non-profit organization Wine to Water, the Coraddi arts and literature magazine, and Campus Outreach. Her favorite thing about attending UNCG thus far has been that students are able to experience a wide range of activities, from foreign film screenings and art exhibits to ethical debates and poetry readings. She is easily excitable, keen on trying new things, and is overjoyed to be alive.

Your First Year Newsletter

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